I’m Jordan, an enthusiast of software, games, systems and all things intricate. I like to fit things together in a way that resonates with people.

I started my design journey penning tabletop games with handmade figures, long before I learned they were an entire genre of their own. the Game Maker software introduced me to programming and software development at large, and I’ve been building digital projects ever since.

I’ve previously taken freelance roles as a coder and pixel-artist, and have contributed to projects between videogame streamers and game mod creators. Owing to my broad interests, I’ve gained a fundamental understanding of illustration, animation, informational writing, 3d modelling, UX, QA and more. While backend coding in C# is my most familiar suit, I am open to any of the above roles to find an ‘in’ in the software, web or videogame industry.

Outside of software, I’m passionate about electronics and self-repair, leisurely running, and an ever-growing list of music genres. I build palm-sized combat robots as a pastime, and compete with them in various events around the UK. This portfolio page is hosted on my personal blog, which I’ve kept over the years to post project logs and rants on game design.

Languages I’ve used:

C# (Experienced), GML (Experienced), Sqlite (Experienced), JavaScript, Python, SQL Server, MySQL, HTML, CSS

Some relevant projects:

An outline for a fictional character repository website, written using C# ASP.NET, Entity Framework + Identity Server, Bootstrap and JavaScript. Cut from a larger web app project in development, it demonstrates use of client services, dependency injection and Identity server customization to safely store and display user-generated content. (Source Code)

Rivals of Aether Mods

Numerous character-addition mods for the indie fighting game ‘Rivals of ​Aether’. Some of such mods extend the original game with new status effects, emulated mechanics from other videogames, and logic scripting for ‘tag-team’ characters controlled by a single player. Some creations have been featured in official developer-run tournaments, which required plenty of collaboration to ensure competitive balance and compatibility between other developers’ characters and code. (More Info)


A text-based co-op multiplayer game made as a Discord chat application, written in C# using the Discord API. It features a turn-based combat system with hundreds of attack and support abilities, AI opponents and bosses, and PvP matchmaking across different Discord servers. Maintaining the game for a number of years has given me ample experience with running remote Linux servers, data protection, debugging, user support and game balance. (More Info)


Get in touch with me at jordan@mawral.com.