Battle with or against your friends with this multiplayer PKMN Discord Bot, inspired by the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series.


Current Features:

  • An original, strategic combat system inspired by the Mystery Dungeon games, allowing for 8-player, 4-versus-4 battles on a Discord channel.
  • Hide behind teammates and the environment for cover, and counter Flamethrowers with your Water Gun, just like in the anime.
  • Play as almost any monster in the series, each with rebalanced stats and moves.
  • 450+ attack moves, including status effects, stat buffs, damage and support – Mix and match them with six move slots per character.
  • Challenge each other in head-to-head battles, or team up to defeat tough PvE challenges and Cross-Server PvP teams.
  • Fully Customizable. Toggle notifications and mentions, set moderation roles, change spawn rates, enable or disable commands per channel.
  • Sandbox Mode – Freely set and moderate Levels, Evolutions, Legendaries and more on your servers for RPG/tabletop games.
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