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  • Compromise (150g Combat Robot)

    Compromise (150g Combat Robot)

    Compromise is my second attempt at building a UK Antweight combat robot. It fits standard UK Antweight rules, weighing only 150 grams and sized to fit within a 4-inch cube. It is a 4-wheel-drive, lifter-spinner hybrid that takes clear inspirations from the BattleBots heavyweight Whiplash. Dual-weapon robots are rarely seen in the Antweight class due…

  • Plusle & Minun

    Plusle & Minun

    Plusle and Minun are a Pokémon duo character, created in under 30 days for the ‘Another Modding Jam’ Rivals Workshop contest (May 2021). The character won 1st place out of 31 entries, and achieved 10,000 unique downloads in the first two weeks of release. This mod was a collaboration with THCGourami, who came up with…

  • Peacock


    This Rivals Of Aether Peacock mod was a collaboration with Notakin, who drew all of the animations. The goal was to reiterate on Notakin’s first attempt at a ‘Skullgirls’ character. We revised the design and rebuilt the character from scratch, tying together the most important elements of her zoner playstyle with Rivals of Aether’s focus…

  • Epinel


    Epinel is the first Rivals of Aether character mod I have created. He became prominent in the modded Rivals competitive scene, and has featured in every official Rivals of Aether side-tournament since his release. He was included as part of the ‘Diamonds and the Rough‘ 4-character mod pack, intended to show off what could be…

  • MysteryCord


    MysteryCord (or PMDiscord) is a text-based fangame inspired by the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series, played via a Discord client with chat commands. It features a unique combat system that builds upon the original series, teamwork-focused Co-Op battles, and anonymous PvP matchmaking against other Discord servers. MysteryCord is coded in C#, with SQLite for database management.