About MysteryCord

MysteryCord is a multiplayer fangame based on the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series, played in a Discord chat client. It features:

  • An overhauled stat and battle system, that takes place right inside a guild channel! Encounters are synchronous and in-depth, combining features from the main and Mystery Dungeon series while adding several unique mechanics.
  • Monsters can intercept attacks aimed at their teammates, use the environment for cover, and even counter incoming moves by using their own.
  • Team up to combat AI-controlled challengers to your Guild, earning credits and prestige, or contest each other in PvP battles.
  • Over 600 monsters are playable, each with rebalanced stats and abilities.

PKMN Mystery Discord began in late 2016 as an idea for a tabletop ruleset, and later as a learning project. Some time after, the challenge was taken to convert its rules into an online game, which was made considerably easier with the help of the Discord API. The project’s novelty and scope grew to be a modern, more social take on classic MUDs and text games.

MysteryCord is made possible by:

Discord API: DSharpPlus

Database Engine: SQLite

Data sources: Bulbapedia, PokéAPI

Image rendering: ImageSharp

Pokémon and sprites displayed by the bot are (c) Nintendo.