Commands List

PMDiscord’s Global Prefix is:


PMDiscord’s Default Prefix is:


You can change PMDiscord’s Prefix (per-user) by typing:


Misc Commands

pmd.register Type this command to start playing PMDiscord.
pmd.prefix Change your desired Command Prefix. (default: ] )
]mysterygift Rewards Currency and EXP for voting every 12 hours. (Use `]mysterygift novote` to receive rewards without voting.)
]notifications Turn level-up notifications on or off.
]mentions Enable or disable PMDiscord from sending you @Mentions.

PKMN Commands

]profile Displays your current PKMN, level and stats.
]credits Shows your total number of Credits (currency).
]hatch Create a new PKMN.
]pkmn Check all of your hatched PKMN.
]pkmn choose <pkmn-name> Choose a PKMN to be your Active PKMN.
]pkmn pin <pkmn-name> <0-3> Pin a PKMN to the top of your PKMN list.
]pkmn options Change your PKMN’s settings, such as their Nature and name display.
]pkmn release <pkmn-name> Release a PKMN.
]evolve Evolve your current PKMN.

Battle Commands

]practice Starts a private, one-on-one battle against the CPU. Practice battles do not reward EXP.
]practice hard Starts a private, one-on-one battle against a challenging CPU.
]party Creates a Party on a Discord Channel, to set up multiplayer battles.
]join <red/blue> Joins the Red or Blue Team in a Party.
]leave Leaves a Party or Battle. This can be used at any time.
]partylist Shows a list of players in a channel’s Party.
]start Starts a Party Battle.
]start pve Starts a Party Battle against CPU opponents.
]start hard-pve Starts a Party Battle against challenging CPU opponents.
]start pvp Queue for a 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 battle against other Servers.
]pvpqueue Check the status of PvP Queues and all cross-server PvP Battles in progress.
]addcpu <red/blue> Adds a random CPU PKMN to the Red or Blue Team.
]addcpu <red/blue> <pkmn-name> Adds a certain species of CPU PKMN to the Red or Blue Team.
]addcpu <red/blue> <@mention> Adds a player’s currently-chosen PKMN as a CPU.
]addhardcpu <red/blue> Adds a more challenging CPU PKMN to the Red or Blue Team.
]challenge <@mention> Challenge another player to a private, one-on-one battle. (WIP)

Info Commands

]dex <pkmn-name> Look up details of a specific PKMN, including their unique PMDiscord stats.
]movedex <move-name> Look up details of a specific PKMN Move.
]examine <pkmn-name> During a battle, check the stats of another PKMN.
]hp During a battle, check the current Health and Status Ailments of all PKMN.
]next During a battle, continue a CPU PKMN’s Turn, or check remaining time for your current team’s Turn.

Moveset Commands

]moveset Check your PKMN’s Moveset.
]moveset <add/remove/set/default> Edit your PKMN’s Moveset.
]moveset <pkmn-name> During a Battle, displays another PKMN’s Moveset.

Help Commands

]tutorial Explains the basics of a PMDiscord battle.
]guide Explains the features of PMDiscord in greater detail.
]help Lists all of PMDiscord’s commands.
]help <command-name> Lists details of a command and what it does.

Sandbox Mode Commands

]sandbox Lists available Sandbox Mode commands, including Sandbox management commands.
]sandbox pkmn Lists your current Sandbox PKMN on a Server.
]sandbox list Lists all Sandbox PKMN from all members on a Server.

Moderation Commands

]server-options Toggle server-wide options, including Guildmaster, Moderator and Captain roles. Requires Owner or Guildmaster permissions.
]sandbox-options Toggle server permissions for various Sandbox Mode features.
]c-close Forces a Party or Battle to close immediately. Requires Captain permissions or higher.