Help, my commands aren’t working!

Most of PMDiscord’s commands won’t work until you have used the ]register command to start playing. After that, all commands become unlocked after you have Hatched your first PKMN using ]hatch.

What is the ?reaction that keeps appearing?

-The bot sends a reaction each time your PKMN levels up! You can tell the bot to stop sending you reactions by typing ]notifications. If you are a server admin, this can also be disabled server-wide by changing the bot’s Permissions.

I hatched too many PKMN. How can I release one?

-Type ]pkmn release to release a PKMN.

What are Credits (?) used for?

-Nothing besides bragging rights, so far. They will have a small use very soon, and they’ll be used for more important things as the bot develops.

Can I play as a Legendary?

Nope. There are currently no plans to make Legendary/Mythical PKMN playable, although they may be recruit-able somewhere down the line.

How do I evolve my PKMN?

-You can ]hatch evolved PKMN, however you cannot evolve existing PKMN yet. This may be added soon, or saved as a Beta feature.

How do I earn EXP and Stats?

PKMN earn EXP by winning PvE Challenges, ]mysterygifts, and simply chatting on PMDiscord-enabled servers. Your PKMN gains a Stat Point every 10 levels, and a Health Point every 5 levels between, capping at level 50. Stat Points are awarded automatically; at level 50, your PKMN will have +1 points in all stats except Evasion.(edited)

Will there be Mega/Alolan variants?

Alolan forms should appear in the game as soon as Gen 7 monsters do. This should be happening soon(tm). There are currently no plans to add Mega Evolutions.