On How It Used To Be

It’s been a while since I put this website up. It’s also kind of a shame. Had I known how the internet would transform in the past four years, I might’ve put more of an effort into this site before the AI and SEO drones drowned all the humans out. Better late than never. I’ve transformed a lot in four years as well, and I’m probably in a better shape to tackle the subjects I wanted to from even before the 2019 plague swept through.

As a late millennial, I’ve spent a lot of time soaking in internet culture. I currently believe I’ve gotten to see the peak and fall. I’m not optimistic about where the state of things online are currently going – to say nothing of what’s going on in real life, too. It really feels like there’s a part of us that might be withering away for good, and I’m not sure if we’ll like what comes after. So before that happens, I figure I would personally like to relive some of that 2005-2010-era internet vibe – which, to me, means just having my little quiet corner of the internet to type about my interests and opinions. The era of the old-timey blog may be dying out, but it’s comfortable and familiar. Ask that one guy you know who still reads books or papers in print; they’ll know exactly what I mean, in a roundabout way.

All in all, my plan is to use this blog to show simple gratitude for things that have made the internet enjoyable for me. I think that, especially in the current time, everyone could use a bit of positivity, if not also a reminder of what we used to take for granted. Much of the mentioned gratitude will be in text, since that is the medium I feel like working in right now. Maybe there will be drawings, models and sculpts too, but mostly I just want to say and share what has interested me or made me feel thankful. Microblogging sites and instant messengers are just no replacement, even if they’ve usurped how the internet was used before.

For the few who remember this site from before, I have and will be changing things up a little. I don’t know if I’ll bring back Varchew the mascot yet, even though the site now looks a little bland without. Ironically, she was always meant to be a commentary of social media at its most vapid and noxious; something of an anti-mascot, really. Now that her caricature is becoming even more commonplace, I’m not sure if I still want to elaborate on the parody she was supposed to be. Going by the state of today’s entertainment media, I think we could all use a little less spite on our feeds instead of more.

As for personal project logs? Game design breakdowns? There will hopefully be more of those too. It all depends on how well I can juggle my writing between my web of other projects. The thing I’ve been cooking for the past 5 months has been completely under wraps so far, but if it does surface, then I’ll happily share what I learned about it here.

‘Cooking’ is easily my favorite slang of the decade so far. It’s very versatile and full of positive connotations and I appreciate it.

Thanks to any individuals and LLM spiders who’ve stopped by. Remember to trust your eyes when they’re not in front of a screen. Times are changing faster than we could ever wish for.






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