Patch Notes: Alpha 0.48

Generation 8 PKMN are now playable.

Added tons of Gen 8 Moves. Not all of them, but hopefully enough!
-Also added Sandstorm, Hail, Fairy Lock, Whirlpool, Flip Turn and Throat Chop (minus effects).
-MysteryCord now has a total of 532 available Moves. (That’s 19 more Moves than you can find in BD/SP. 🙁 )

Battles now make use of Discord’s button interactions.
-You can still use the text commands if that is what you’re used to, for now.
-Discord’s trying to push bots away from using standard prefix commands after this April, hence the “for now”. Hopefully they’ll make an exception for MysteryCord.

Top.GG voting finally works again.
-Both battles and votes now pay out more credits.
-The price of stuff you can buy with credits have increased accordingly (except for PKMN slots).

Max PKMN slots increased to more than anyone should ever unlock in their lifetime.

CPU movesets have been re-shuffled and now include some of the new Moves.
-The algorithm was improved to favor each PKMN’s ‘level-up’ moves. Infamous tutor moves (like Zen Headbutt and Water Pulse) should show up less often.
-‘Easy’ movesets can now sometimes contain Cooldown 3 Moves. Previously they would always have Cooldown 2 and below moves, even if they didn’t have enough low-cooldown moves for a full moveset. The ‘easy’ movesets are now also the ‘default’ moveset when Hatching a PKMN.

Reduced the cooldown between joining PvE Challenges.

PvP Fever Time is now shorter and more frequent.

Evasion calculations have been overhauled, and are now much more similar to the official games. This means that Evasion no longer stacks exponentially, fixing the issue where a PKMN with a natural +1 or +2 Evasion would benefit far more from Evasion boosts than other PKMN.

Weather Mechanics have been overhauled, and are now much simpler and stronger than before. Most notably, they activate a turn sooner than before, allowing for immediate setups.
-Using a Weather Move adds 4 ‘weather stacks’, and subtracts 1 from every other ‘weather stack’. There is no longer any RNG involved.
-When one Weather has the most ‘stacks’ for two consecutive turns, it will increase by 1 ‘stack’ and the weather will change.
-The current active Weather loses one ‘stack’ for each turn in battle. When it reaches zero, the weather will return to normal.
-Sandstorm and Hail Weather will deal 2 damage to all vulnerable PKMN every 3 turns. A PKMN behind Cover won’t take damage.

The Snare status effect now deals 4 Damage instead of 5.

Fixed a bug where… Bonus Engage/Retreat Chances and penalties… apparently didn’t do anything. 🗿

The following changes should bring a number of lesser-used Moves up to par:
Facade: Power +6 -> +6.5, Cooldown 3 -> 2. Now increases power +2 per status (max +6), previously +3 per status (max +9). Now counts Confusion as a status.
Hex: Power +6 -> +6.5
Smog: Accuracy 70% -> 75%
Rage: Power +3 -> +5
Dream Eater: Now heals 33% of damage dealt, previously 25%.
Ancient Power and similar moves: Effect chance is now affected by Bracing.
Refresh: Fixed a bug where this move didn’t actually heal health as described.
Super Fang: Accuracy 90% -> 95%
Kinesis: Accuracy 85% -> 80%, Cooldown 0 -> 1. Now reduces the target’s Accuracy -3, previously -2.
Blizzard, Thunder, Hurricane: Weather now affects accuracy by +-30%, previously +-25%.
Dynamic Punch, Inferno: Power +11 -> +11.5
Clanging Scales: Fixed a bug where this Move would lower stats multiple times when hitting multiple opponents.

The following changes are for moves which were deemed too fun for MysteryCord:
Water Spout, Inferno: Power +12 -> +11.5
Fire Spin: Power +3.5 -> +3
Infestation: Power +2.5 -> +2
Spore: Accuracy 85% -> 80%
Sunny Day, Rain Dance (and other Weather Moves): Cooldown 0 -> 1. Can no longer be used while Engaged.
Moonlight, Morning Sun: Fixed a bug where these Moves were healing 0.5 HP more than intended.

Sword/Shield changed these moves for some reason:
Howl: Cooldown 0 -> 1. Now also buffs teammates nearby the user.
Rapid Spin: Cooldown 1 -> 2, Power +5 -> +4.5. Now increases the user’s Speed +2.

These Moves are no longer Signature moves, and so are being toned down accordingly.
Pollen Puff: Power 8 -> 7.5
Heat Crash: Cooldown 2 -> 3
Solar Blade: Power +12 -> +11.5

Metronome Adjustments.
Glaciate: Power +6 -> +6.5
Prismatic Laser: Cooldown 3 -> 4, Power +16 -> +15
Magma Storm: Power +10 -> +7.5






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