Patch Notes: Alpha 0.49

GUI buttons now also give a mini-report on what actions teammates are performing.

Slightly increased the ‘Slow’ and ‘Normal’ PvE spawn rates.

Disabled the ‘Inspect’ command, until I can figure out how to fix it within the new bot limitations.

Lowered some more match-rejoin cooldowns.

Removed gmax forms. The confusion caused by them being present outweighed the novelty.

Changed PvP Fever again – it now happens 3 times a day at regular intervals. Hopefully the timezones will cover a good number of players.


The Confusion Status no longer has a chance of making affected players hit themselves. Instead, it now halves the accuracy of Moves used when Parrying.

Slightly adjusted the Accuracy/Evasion formula. Unboosted, high-evasion PKMN were getting away with murder.

Changed the Critical Hit tiers to be better at lower stages. (5%/15%/30%/50% -> 5%/20%/35%/50%)
This means that all ‘increased critical’ Moves and Focus Energy are stronger individually, but combining them is equally as good as before.

It’s now impossible for a self-inflicted Sleep status (i.e. via Rest) to last longer than 2 turns.

Weather Moves can now be used while Engaged, but are less effective than normal when doing so.

Dream Eater: Power +9 -> +9.5. Healing % reduced back to 25%, previously 33%. The extra healing was a bit too big of a buff.
Gyro Ball: Base Power +6 -> +6.5.
Spotlight: Cooldown 4 -> 3.
Scale Shot: Now reduces the user’s Melee Defense by -2, previously -3.

Me First: Power increase reduced to +2, previously +3.
Morning Sun, Synthesis, Moonlight: Sunny Weather now increases healing amount by +1 HP, previously +2 HP.

Charge: Now increases an Electric attack’s Power by +4, instead of by +50%.
Helping Hand: Cooldown 2 -> 3. Now increases an attack’s Power by +4, instead of by +33.3%.
(Charge stacked with Helping Hand now increases power by +6, previously +66.7%.)

Head Smash: Power +15 -> +14. Recoil Damage reduced from 50% to 40%.
Light of Ruin: Recoil Damage reduced from 50% to 40%.

Decorate: Cooldown 3 -> 2.
Pay Day: Cooldown 2 -> 1, Power +4.5 -> +6.
Boomburst: Accuracy 100% -> 95%.
Pollen Puff: Power +7.5 -> +7. Should encourage having to choose between damage and healing moves.
Hyper Fang: Effect Chance 10% -> 30%.
Shell Side Arm: Power +8 -> +7.5. No longer switches attack category depending on the opponent’s stats. Instead, it now becomes a Melee Attack if used while Engaged. Can now Parry both Ranged and Melee attacks.


Hopefully fixed a bug which prevented the bot from working when it lacked ‘Send Embed’ permissions.
Fixed a bug where selecting an AoE attack via the GUI buttons would sometimes skip asking the player which target to aim at.
Fixed a bug where the ‘skip teammates’ command wouldn’t work via GUI buttons.
Fixed a minor bug with Galarian Darmanitan’s ability.
Fixed some PKMN having illegal base movesets.
Fixed a bug where PKMN would take Recoil Damage even if its attack was stopped by Protect.
Fixed a bug where it was possible to evolve into ‘blade mode’ Aegislash, foregoing its Ability.
Fixed a bug where Scorching Sands would not thaw the user.
Fixed a bug where Dynamic Punch’s Power was much lower than intended.
Various text tweaked and fixed.






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