How to Find the Best ‘Rivals of Aether’ Workshop Mods

The Rivals of Aether Workshop is a trove of amazing fan-content that allows the game to be enjoyed in hundreds of new ways. However, Steam’s sorting and ratings mean that a lot of good mods are buried and difficult to find, while many poorly-made ones can float to the top with an appealing thumbnail. So how does someone quickly and easily find the best mods, characters and stages? Thankfully, there’s an easy solution.

Step 1: Click the ‘Collections’ tab.

Step 2: Choose your sorting preferences, then click on a Collection that appeals to you.

Step 3: That’s all! Since every character in a collection has been chosen by another Rivals player, there’s a much smaller chance that you’ll run into an unplayable sprite-rip or an unfinished Sandbert clone. Just click and add mods to your heart’s content.

Using collections also lets you download a large bunch of characters at once without having to click on everything individually. This is especially useful if you want to grab a lot of characters for Online Casual Matchmaking. Just keep in mind that a giant Collection may take a long time to download.

Suggested Collections

While I recommend finding collections by your own, here is my own list of recommended Collections to start with. These collections are made by their respective creators.

Quality Characters:
VVizard’s Favorites (Characters) – A large list of quality mods of all shapes, sizes and power levels.
Blueberry Bout Character List – A smaller list of characters with a high emphasis on quality animations and mechanics.

Balanced Characters:
Workshop Weeklies Character Pack – a ginormous list of characters, all curated to a reasonable level of strength and quality.
FTL Fight Roster – A condensed list of high-quality, competitively-viable characters.

Original Characters:
RoA-Born OCs – Almost every original character on the workshop, Rivals-related or otherwise.
Djentalist’s OC Collection – A collection of Rivals of Aether fan-characters designed to fit with the base roster.

VVizard’s Favorites (Stages) – A huge list of stages intended for normal fights and free-for-alls.
Workshop Weeklies Stages Roster – A small list of stress-tested, competitively-viable stages. Rotates occasionally.

Buddies and Skins:
damocleas’ RoA Buddies/Skin Collection – An assorted bunch of polished Buddies and Skins.
FFA Buddies – A collection of gameplay-altering Buddies.

The Kitchen Sink:
Zetta’s Collections – Monthly collections of almost every interesting Workshop release.
Infinity – Virtually every Character, Stage, Skin and Buddy that isn’t a Sandbert clone.






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