Tag: Progress Log

  • Progress Update: The One With Screenshots In It

    Another month, another update. It took a while, but we’re almost there – yes, for real this time! The goal was to have everything battle-related covered before 2018, but a couple winter bugs in a row set me back a week. Nonetheless, this project’s battle engine finally has something resembling gameplay(!) attached to it, and…

  • Progress Update: The Kitchen Sink

    It’s been a long time since my last update, much too long even. Finding a balance between working on the game and writing blog posts has been harder than I thought. The game’s been making bounds of progress over the past month, front-end and back-end, so there’s a lot to backtrack on here!

  • Progress Update: Setting Up for Public Release

    Steady progress has been happening, and this last week’s involved getting all of PMDiscord’s edges cleaned up for stress-testing. Features on the list include getting the commands to be cleaner and self-explanatory, and some sort of prestige display so players can feel like they’re doing something. All in due time. As of today, I’ve covered…