Progress Update: Setting Up for Public Release

Steady progress has been happening, and this last week’s involved getting all of PMDiscord’s edges cleaned up for stress-testing. Features on the list include getting the commands to be cleaner and self-explanatory, and some sort of prestige display so players can feel like they’re doing something. All in due time. As of today, I’ve covered the hurdle of including rate limits into PMDiscord — a fairly small job, but a necessary one to get out of the way.Discord has a limit on the number of messages it allows bots to make, which prevents their platform from being abused. However, this limit is a problem for aspiring bot developers too — not just so they can keep their own resources in check, but so they don’t get banned for misusing Discord’s resources either. This means it’s highly important that bots don’t spam more messages than needed, and even more important that a sly user can’t trigger the bot into responding to too many messages. Would you believe people have made “bot graveyard” servers, where new bots are invited and spammed with commands until Discord automatically bans them? Thankfully times are a little better now, as the current set of Discord APIs have features to prevent this from happening… unless you’re trying to break the rules intentionally. But nonetheless, it’s a smart failsafe to have, and PMDiscord has it now.

Granted, this kind of thing isn’t very exciting, and making more robust rate limits is going to be a slog to finish up. Maybe I’ll detail the methods that went into it later, but until then, I’d rather write about things PMD fans might care about! New attacks and dungeon features are surely on the way, stay tuned to see when it happens.






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