A Humble Note


Also, let me take a minute to gush for a bit. After getting all of this set up – and as someone completely self-taught on how to code – I’m really taken aback by how far open-source software has come along. Every package and tool the game has needed, has been both readily available and completely free of charge. Frankly, PMDiscord just couldn’t exist without the boatloads of open source projects available to help it along, and most of them have worked flawlessly for what I needed them for. It goes without saying, but this is a fantastic thing – not just for developers, but for everyone to have access to projects and software without excessive time and money spent. PMDiscord likely won’t be open-source for a while, but it will be just as free to play. There will be a credits page up soon listing which tools PMDiscord has made use of. If you have the slightest interest, kindly consider giving them some much-deserved attention.

I’d love to make more design posts. I haven’t found much time for it between actually working on the game itself. The same goes for updating the website – at the time of writing, it’s a very simple WordPress Blog with a title taking up half of a screen… It kind of leaves a lot to be desired! These will take priority after getting the bot rolling. Assuming there’s no more unexpected hurdles, we’re set to release in _days_. Stay tuned as always.






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