Progress Update: In Transit

The guides are done. Daily rewards are in. Millions of QoL features added. Countless bugs have been fixed. There’s even a pesky name-filter for you to enjoy finding holes in. Slowly but surely, the game’s starting to look more complete. These past couple weeks have been heavily focused on polishing up the last few corners of the game, and adding failsafes for battles, Discord channels, bot permissions, you name it. The goal was to release publicly before March, and… well, we’ve gotten fairly close to it.

There’s still a couple more soft-glitches left to find, and a few  more security updates to make sure the bot doesn’t crash on its first day. Besides that, the only timely things left are to get some more closed testing in before the PMDiscord bot is made public, and to spread the word!

Expect more, shorter updates in the future, including a ‘very soon’ announcement for when PMDiscord’s Alpha finally goes live. Stay tuned as always.






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