Progress Update: Tying Ends

So… we’re done. No, really. The game’s done. The server’s up right now. Isn’t that great? Whew. Yeah. It’s been a long time coming. Go ahead and check it out on the main page, if you haven’t yet.

So what’s happened since the last update? It took half a week for me to port the game’s server to .NET Core, and another two weeks to make absolutely sure all of the cross-platform quirks had been fixed. Having the bot work cross-platform was important, since a bot running on Linux means a lot more options for server hosting. Luckily, PMDiscord isn’t as intensive to host as some other Discord bots (mostly text, no moderation, no voice channel), so I’ve rehashed my old WinXP computer to run Linux, and made it into a dedicated server for the time being. The rest of the time was put into a few last-minute quality-of-life features — such as a simple ‘PvE’ command that lets you try out a battle in minutes.

‘Course, this is only the start of it. PMDiscord is ‘released’, but it’s still no more than a fun battle simulator right now. The features lined up after this milestone are ambitious, but they’ll be reached in time if the support for the game is there. A main Discord Server for the bot is next on the list, so there’ll be a place to send me feedback and suggestions. Stay tuned as always.







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