So, PMDiscord’s had a pretty interesting start, to put things lightly. The website’s been a little quiet while I sorted out the bot’s growing pains, but now things are running relatively smoothly. It’s comfortably found a home on around 800 servers at the time of speaking, with around 100 concurrent players at peak times. They’re fairly small numbers now, but considering the short amount of time it’s been public for, I hadn’t expected things to take off so quickly. So, here’s just to say a big thanks to everyone who’s helped.

Design posts are still something I’d like to get back to. I’ve had a handful of questions on what happens under PMDiscord’s hood, and it would be nice to detail some of those later, but getting PMDiscord’s bugs and key features sorted has been eating all of my time. Coincidentally, the current best place to keep updated with the bot’s progress is the PMDiscord Official Discord Server, so be sure to visit there if you haven’t already. More news and articles will be on the way, both on the bot’s end and the website, as soon as there’s a moment’s breathing room for it. Stay tuned for more.






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